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We believe in courage as the engine of our actions.

We believe that women are unique and special, that each one of us lives with a courage that deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

Courage is leaving everything to dedicate ourselves to what we love the most, to pursue dreams.


Courage is looking for ways to emerge in a market dominated by leather and the stigma that materials other than leather are worthless.


Courage is leaving the common and general thought, because we understand that respect for all species is important and essential,


Courage is defying fashion standards, because we believe it is the right thing to do.


Courage is redefining premium footwear through the use of non-animal materials.


Courage is entering a world which we knew nothing about and working every day to understand it, despite the stones in the way.


Courage is facing frustration and fear every day, because we believe in growing and evolving.


Courage is facing any kind of discrimination and trying to keep our worth intact.


Courage is embracing our authenticity and imperfections.


Courage is defending our freedom.


Courage is loving a dream more than anything.


Courage is loving.


We are all loved, we are all brave.


Cara & Baldi.


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