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Cara & Baldi is an exclusive brand of cruelty free shoes, handmade by artisans from Buenos Aires and inspired by the courage and love with which women face the world, day by day .

Our shoes are limited and exclusive editions



Because we are all special and unique. Our shoes are handmade and each pair is more of a statement, an object of power that allows us to convey a message.

Additionally, the artisan production of limited pairs allows us to meticulously control the use of resources, avoiding the unnecessary waste of materials and allowing us to make sure that each pair reaches the hands of those who will take care of it and value it as the unique piece that it is.


The concept behind our shoes


They are much more than shoes, they are a statement and the result of materializing the concept of our inspiration: Women. Those that inspire us every day, whether they are great icons who left a mark on the world, or our own mothers, sisters, friends or colleagues who teach us to fight for what we want.

So, we choose textures, materials and details that evoke their personality in order to deliver not a pair of shoes, but steps inspired by the contribution they have had in our lives.


Our desire is that you feel identified with your Cara & Baldi so that you can take steps of empathy with the assurance that, in one way or another, we are all united.



We dedicate our creations with all our love to all those women who open doors every day.

Let's always walk together, let's always walk brave!

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