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It is essential for Cara & Baldi to contribute to the preservation of the wonderful world of artisan shoes and that is why our shoes are made by hand, by artisans whose trade has been in their family for generations.

We see courage also present in them, who, accustomed for years to working with leather, have decided to bet together with us on the manufacture of vegan shoes, which in the world of shoes has other types of processes and ways of assembling those that today not many dare and they require extra care due to the nature of the materials.

Taking care of every detail in every step of the process, our expert shoemakers give us a unique product, the result of many years of learning and love for this beautiful craft.



Slow fashion is a way of thinking, doing and consuming fashion consciously and intentionally, taking care of the quality of products so that they are durable and sustainable over time. 

In the case of shoes, we have between 6 and 8 stages in the production process, each one of them with its complexities and necessary care. Especially vegan shoes have different treatments and forms of production than leather shoes, which many workshops refuse, precisely because of their complexity and because, in general, they have always worked with leather.

For Cara & Baldi it is essential to respect these times, since the final result depends on it. 

We try to have different alternatives for the different climates of the year. However, as a brand we believe in the free creative process and the care of resources, in producing with the least possible environmental impact and in delivering products with true meaning and history.



The most important thing for us is not to use hides or inputs derived from animals, simply because we love and respect them. We use materials such as textiles, natural fibers, PU (polyurethane), biodegradable PVC and water-based adhesives.

Every day we strive to investigate and improve the quality and origin of the supplies that make up our shoes and we understand that it is a long road that we will always travel with the firm intention of improving and generating the least negative impact possible.


All of our shoes are limited editions: this way we make sure to meticulously control the resources and components that we use in our production, allowing us to avoid waste and unnecessary expense of materials, thus generating unique pieces that have been thought and developed in the most conscious way possible.

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